Welcome to the Wells Folk and Barn Dance Club web site


Covid precautions are in place:

windows and doors open (bring something warm to wear!), hand sanitiser is provided, please use before dancing.

A note on COVID:
Everyone is acutely aware that we should still be cautious as there is likely to be a surge of infections following the relaxation of most restrictions. Moreover there is currently pressure for masks to be worn in certain situations.

Wearing masks just doesn’t work with dancing.  Therefore masks will not be required.  You are of course welcome to wear one if you wish. 

Clearly there are personal risks involved in going to any public event nowadays (as there always has been), including this one.  That is your choice and by attending you are accepting that risk.

You should of course avoid attending if you are feeling unwell or isolating.

Wells Folk Dance Club is based at Dinder Village Hall which is two miles east of Wells on the A371 Shepton Mallet road.

We are a happy and social group of enthusiastic dancers who really enjoy our dancing. In any year you will find a full club night programme from September to July, drawing on a selection of local callers and musicians, although recorded music is often used. The programme reflects the style and interest of the visiting caller, which can be traditional English folk dance, Playford dance (think Jane Austen or Mr Darcy), American squares and energetic contra dances; contra dance is similar to barn dance but with more energy and more moves - and is a lot more fun!

Our weekly club nights include teaching as well as dancing. All dances are taught with a walk through before the music starts, and there are plenty of people only too pleased to offer guidance if needed. You do not need to bring a partner.

If you have never done this type of dancing before we will help you to get started and have fun at your first session. If it goes wrong, don't worry - its only a dance! As you gain experience you can embellish your dancing with spins, twirls and variations. So, whether you are an experienced dancer or an up-and-coming beginner, we hope to help you enhance your dancing and add to your enjoyment of the dance.

Our aim is to offer a good dancing experience to new members at all levels. So, whether you are a local or just visiting the area on holiday, you can be assured of a warm welcome at any of our evenings. If you need further information, contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

The annual membership fee is 7.00; the weekly fee is 3.50 for members and 4 for visitors, which includes light refreshment. Prospective members - first evening free!

Plastic: To reduce the use of one-time plastic cups, members bring their own drinking vessels. We invite you to bring your own cup as well.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Happy dancing!

Download our Flyer here